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A 1000 year old country, Portugal is a land of contrasts, cities with ancient and contemporary attractions, colorful medieval villages, charming seaside towns, ancient castles, romantic palaces, and a rich cultural heritage. Constant sunshine, green natural parks, mountains, grand rivers and a vast coastline adds to Portugal's surprising variety of landscapes and architectural treasures, an astonishing variety for such a small country...

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  • A local concierge service with a 24×7 emergency contact number assisting you with all facets of Portugal – restaurants, shopping and local experiences
  • We focus on local experiences as much as important sounds and sights that you must visit
  • Our tailor made touring looks into finer elements including pace of travel and off beat as well as insider experiences where possible



You should visit Coimbra University for an experience straight out of a Harry Potter movie. The University halls and courtyards with students wearing the typical Hogwarts uniforms of black robes, patterned with colored patches and symbols, will make you wonder if you are about to meet Harry and his friends in the next corner. In fact, J.K Rowling lived in Porto for a few years and was inspired by her visits to Coimbra, which she later used in the Hogwarts visuals, including the uniform.

Coimbra University is considered amongst the greatest in the world for the past five centuries and plays a significant role in Portuguese history. In 2013 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.